Ultima IX: AscensionDragon Edition

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Ultima IX: Ascension was a game changer for me when it was released in 1999. It was released in two editions; regular boxed edition, and the collector's boxed edition aka Dragon Edition. I had to get the collector's boxed edition as it had unique items in there.

3D version of the Ultima world was the best thing out there at the time. A little bit slow for the computing power at that time, nonetheless this version was as fun as the 2D Ultima games before.

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The Dragon Edition was the real only edition I considered as it had a TON of physical extras:
  • Cloth Map
  • Tarot Cards
  • Certificate
  • Greetings Sheet signed by Lord British
  • Lithograph of the Avatar
  • Full Game CD, Soundtrack CD, and Ultima Collection CD
  • Embossed Play and Spellbook books
  • Ankh pendant
Ultima IX Dragon Edition Contents
Ultima IX Journal - What I loved is the layout really got you into the game with the "traditional Ultima" style of Olde English text and pictures.
Ultima IX Journal
Same with the Spell book. It was a joy to open this when looking for spells. These extra physical books really got me more immersed into the storyline.
Ultima IX Spellbook
The Tarot Cards are beautiful and has a nice weight to them.
Ultima IX Tarot Cards

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