SotA Fan Fiction - Beauty in the Underworld - May 2013

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The Gargoyle and the Unicorn

In the underworld city where the Gargoyles live, Balhur was ready to prove his might after becoming the age of a hunter. He was excited to go on his first hunt to prove himself to his family and the entire colony.

After meeting with the Gargoyle leaders his task was to track the mystical Unicorn and bring back it’s horn. Gargoyles used the horn for healing purposes. Balhur agreed to this hunt and away he went into the woods alone.

Balhur felt fearless as he trampled through the grass. After a few hours of hunting, Balhur saw in the distance a unicorn drinking. He rushed through the grass and trees hastily. Because of the noise, a human scouting party discovered Balhur and went after him with their magic blasts and crossbow bolts. Balhur ran as fast as he could away in fear while being hit. For a young gargoyle this was more than he expected.

A unicorn saw the gargoyle in trouble in the distance and ran as fast as she could towards the gargoyle and the humans. The Unicorn ran interference to distract the human scouting party. It worked! The human followed the Unicorn instead of Balhur.

Balur was safe and returned to the Gargoyle city to tell his adventure. Balhur told the Gargoyle leaders, “Unicorns are not our enemy, and they should be treated with respect. If it was not for that Unicorn, I would not be here.”

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