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SotA Fan Fiction - Beauty in the Underworld - May 2013

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A Story of “Beauty in the Underworld”

We start in a small village outside the capital city in Lord British’s realm. in this village is a girl who loves to play with her pet dog and neighbors cat. The village is not to important as many nobles consider it too small for them to place their residence. Many nice small homes exist and one of them belongs to the a family who has not realized that their little girl will soon face a scary and dark journey.

Keira is playing with her dog Princess when a rumble is heard across the land. Keira and Princess are both scared and rush into the house. Keira checks the house for her parents and does not find them. She mutters to herself out loud, “Hmm, they must be tending to the fields.” “Lets go Princess”, says Keira to her faithful dog and rushes to the fields. It is getting darker and darker quickly as Keira and Princess run to find Keira’s parents. “This is odd Princess”, Keira mutters while gasping for breath over the bumpy terrain. Keira thinks, “We must get to them sooner”. So she turns towards the stables. In her way is a wild brown mare that is startled and starts to nervously buck upwards as Keira approaches. “Whoa”, Keira says while Princess cowers behind her master.

Keira is no normal girl, she has a uncanny connection to animals and starts to calm the wild mare with soothing words, “It is ok. We can travel the world together. Good. Will you be my friend?” These words Keira has heard many times when she is playing at the stables with her dog, Princess. After a few tries the wild mare is calm and is happy to assist Keira with getting to the fields quickly. Keira grabs Princess and jumps on the mare’s back.

This village girl is feeling happy, as her new mare is galloping closer and closer to the place where her parents are when another large rumble is heard for many fields. Startled, Keira and her companions stop unbeknownst to them the ground gave away at that very instant. Falling and falling into the darkness Keira went. It seemed like they fell forever tumbling over and over and over again. Keira’s mouth tasted like dirt and dust as the darkness covered her descent. Crash! Keira landed against the bottom of the darkness. Her body hurt all over as she lay scared and the feeling of alone embraced her. The horse rustled and made a noise. Keira thought to herself, “I must see if Princess and the mare were ok.” Keira called out for her faithful companion Princess but no sound returned to her. Afraid Keira remembered in her pouch were some flint and steel with a little bit of floss. Keira quickly made a little fire and surveyed the surrounding area. Princess was not to be found. “Maybe Princess jumped away from the rumble and is still on the surface?” Keira hoped to herself. “ I must see where I am”.

Slowly Keira approached the mare and reassured both of them that everything would be ok with a soft and smooth stroke on the mare’s head. Keira knew that they should start to move in the darkness hoping to find light. Thoughts of the Otherworld kept crossing Keira’s mind that she quickly dismissed as not to scare herself more than what she was already. Slowly both Keira and the mare moved connected in the dark like a web between a spider and an attached leaf. Against the dark and moldy smelling wall they both started to move.

After what seemed an eternity Keira saw light in the distance that echoed that they were in fact underground. “Is this the land of the dead?” Keira mumbled to her mare companion. The mare shorted in a frantic short like he understood Keira. This was not a normal bond between the mare and Keira; it was a bond of friends, of companions who journey to the end finding adventure and companionship. In an instant the light was gone. Keira stopped as she heard loud snorts and dirt being ruffled like a hot knife through butter. “Oh Oh” Keira thought as she trembled as fear overwhelmed her. The brown mare ran ahead away from Keira without being told.

Keira followed at a good 4 horse pace behind until light once again appeared. Fire bristled through the cavern ahead illuminating like hair standing on the skin. Smartly the brown mare returned to Keira’s side making many noises that echoed down the cavern. “This is not good” Keira thought and stood next to the mare holding on to the back part. The illuminating fire was getting more distant and distant now so Keira followed, as it was the only source of normality in the darkness. Keira know knew that she was not dead in the Otherworld but underneath the land she called home.

It was straining her trying to keep up with the light in the distance as it moved further away from Keira. Keira dared not to run as to not alert what ever it was making the light down the cavern from her. Thoughts of Princess her dog entered her mind over and over as she worried how Princess was. “I must not be distracted and concentrate on the task at hand”, Keira reminded herself. If she could mount the brown mare it would take less time but the cavern was too small to be horseback. Further and further the illumination kept up until a different lightness entered the cavern up ahead. “Maybe it is outside?” Keira thought which hasted her pace. The artificial light did not come back as she ventured toward the mouth of the cavern.

Careful Keira looked out and realized this was not the outside light she was craving for. It was a cavern with burning bodies, human bodies set flame. Looking beyond the opening Keira saw small lizard a little bit larger than her dog, Princess. “That small lizard with wings did that?” Keira thought as her nerves raced. Suddenly Keira realized the small lizard with wings was a baby dragon, a drake in fact. She had only heard stories of drakes and their larger parents dragons. If there is a baby there must be a mommy looming around. Keira looked and looked while her new brown mare had different ideas. The brown mare bolted across the room into another corridor up ahead. Keira pressed towards the drake slowly and quietly. How hard would it to be calm a drake?

Keira approached the drake who noticed her and started snapping in her direction. Keira dated back as flame emerged towards her. Keira cowered into a ball confused at her thoughts betrayed her. “Wait”, Keira thought as she lunged towards the drake, “I will have to show this drake who is boss.” Keira started to kick and punch the drake who was suddenly surprised at her actions as pain started to be felt across his snout and body. Keira did this before calmly showing the drake that pain and misery could vanish as her calm soothing words could bring him pleasure. Confused the drake snapped at the girl with not very good aim as his eye hurt when he blinked. The drake did not like the new feeling and with a few more blows against his body the calm soothing words from this girl started to make sense. The drake cried out looking for his mother, aide did not come. Louder the drake cried for his mother, aide did not come. Fear started to overcome the drake, stronger and stronger fear.

Keira did what she needed to do repeating, “We can travel the world together. I have always wanted a pet like you. Good…” over and over to the small lizard with wings. Yea, that sounded nice the drake thought. Another mama! Slowly the drake stopped snapping at the new entity in his life and started to coo at her. Keira giggled as the drake accepted his new role in the world, err underworld. Keira was the accepted master of the drake as he followed Keira around.

Keira thought to herself that the baby dragon took a lot longer than the brown mare to befriend. She remembered how short it took for the stable masters to befriend horses once they were proficient at it. This was a real task to tame a baby dragon. Keira felt pride in knowing that she now had 2 more friends in her life beyond Princess, her dog. Keira started to worry about her parents unknowing if they were safe. Keira followed the path the brown mare took as she was thinking if he smelled the outside. Keira found a torch on the ground left by one of the burning human corpses. Once lit the torch provided amble light to subside fear of the darkness.

After what seemed like many moons Keira found a startling discovery. A river illuminated with some sort of eerie blue light. “Wow” Keira thought. Suddenly next to the river is Mama dragon! Wait, mama dragon was eating while lying down. Mama dragon’s back was towards Keira as Keira was approaching the end of the cavern. Keira was confused on what to do next. Suddenly the mama dragon smelled Keira and slowly turned around. My brown mare, Keira’s thoughts entered her mind erasing the notion of the danger that suddenly should of overwhelmed Keira. “How could you?” Keira screamed at the larger dragon once Keira saw the horror that the large dragon was feasting on her brown mare. Call it stupid that Keira did not run, some may call it being brave. Keira’s thoughts were not firing inside of her head as hey should. Dead horse or large dragon? What takes precedence?

In the moment it was the horror of seeing the dead horse before here across the room. As Keira’s emotions start to subside and clear thinking entered her brain. Keira focused on the large dragon only to see that it was opening its mouth as taking a large breath. The drake, mama dragon’s baby, rushed to place itself in between his secondary mama and his primary mama. Surprised the large dragon stopped and shouted like dragons do at the baby dragon. Surprised the drake shouted back in dragon speaks as to say, “this one is ok.

She can help us.” Surprised the large dragon started to move towards her baby and the humanoid but was met with a large pain as her side was already split open from a previous fight. Mama dragon stopped and cried in pain. Both Keira and the drake rushed towards the large dragon to see what made her stop. Keira kept her distance, as she knew a small girl would be an appetizer for a large dragon. Both the baby dragon and the mama dragon cried knowing that the large dragon did not have long yet to live.

Keira waited until the drake’s mama fell to eternal slumber in the Otherworld away from the Underworld she called home. Keira kissed the head of the drake in appreciation of defending her and for the sorrow the baby dragon felt for losing his primary mother. Keira’s emotions overwhelmed her as she thought about losing her parents as to feel what the baby dragon was feeling. A tear fell from Keira’s eye onto the snout of the drake and they mourned together.
Keira and her new friend did make it out of the underworld together. That is another story my friend. Take up another ale and I can tell you the rest.

More original fan fiction stories to come for the Shroud of the Avatar.

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