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Hi everyone!

A new community focused Holdfast has been included (bought) and is looking for community minded people looking to be part of a player-ran town that will be holding events, celebrations, Famers Markets, and more! We are planning on giving this Holdfast a Celtic theme as much as we can.

This community will be the home base of the Celtic Order of Druids and Bards (1 structure planned) BUT we are looking for others to join in the fun. Including another guild or two.

Please keep in mind that we are in the planning stages but there will be a few open village spots and maybe 2 Row House spots opening up. We will need to flush the details with Portalarium yet but will try to get a place that is perfect for the inner-nature lover in you.

Right now we have reserved 4 properties lined up with possibly 6 available.

Grab a Guinness (or your favorite beverage) and think about the possibilities.

Contact Us through this site or here at the SotA Forums -

Shroud of the Avatar Museum will have a in-game museum inside of Shroud of the Avatar!

The Duke pledge placed by the Museum Curator will be the start of the museum and its rare and awesome collection.

What is planned - items:

  • All items from the Royal Founder Duke level pledge.
  • All of the Tools of Prosperity
  • 2013 Holiday Collection
  • 2014 Holiday Collection
  • Hearth of Britannia Telethon Pledge & Mystery Decoration
  • Spare Bards Kickstarter in-game sheet music for LB Returns and Neon Milk.

Good news! The Shroud of the Avatar Museum will be located in our new HoldFast Player-ran village! :D As soon as we secure a spot in New Britannia we will let you know.

Looking to learn the New Britannian Runic Language? Or convert from English to Runic on the fly?

Take a look...

We are pleased to introduce our real life replica of Lord British's Silver Serpent Necklace! Take a look...

Help us by using our referral code "2571" when pledging to Shroud of the Avatar.


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    This is the 6 month demo of SotA. I cannot wait until my alpha/beta testing.

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    This is the 3 month demo of SotA. Awesome!

    The newest game from Lord British, Shroud of the Avatar. I have pledged with their Kickstarter campaign at the Duke level.

    I have been recently been asked where is my SotA collection. The only answer I have is since nothing has been released yet all I have is my receipt for my pledge. I cannot wait for when Portalarium releases t-shirts, Dragon statues, Swords for my sword collection, etc. :D posted sneak peak story lines. We have organized them and present them here for all to enjoy (instead of hunting for them):
    SotA Official Fiction

    Our Fan Fiction page is now live on 05-27-2013:
    SotA Fan Fiction

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