Duchy of Dara Brae

A dukedom established in 467 P.C. which funds the public, charitable, and private activities of Lord Greagoir and the Duchy's citizens.

Nature Reserve

Protecting the forest, grassland, and water.
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Conservation means to watch over and correct the land into something beautiful. Leaving the land to look for itself means invasive species can overtake natural plant life.
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Help preserve and encourage protection of wildlife in Dara Brae. Our future is the many animals that call our nature reserve home.

Our good is home to the Celtic Stag (aka Great Hart), bunnies, turkeys, and ravens amongst other things.
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You will certainly see many different kinds of trees, including yew, white oak, linden, yellow cedar, and aspen.

Yew is our premiere tree that debuted in Novia in Dara Brae. Due to conservation efforts by our Druids we have carefully cut sprouts from our yew tree and now many yew trees are across Novia.