Duchy of Dara Brae

A dukedom established in 467 P.C. which funds the public, charitable, and private activities of Lord Greagoir and the Duchy's citizens.

History of the Duchy

On Marse 2nd, in the year Wentru 467 P.C., Dara Brae was discovered during an archaeology expedition, this island in the Spindrift Bay area was hidden for many millennia. A ruin was discovered of an ancient stone and grass house. Other discovered on the island include a grove of trees and a circle of Standing Stones.

In a celebration on that day, Lord Greagoir, declared that Dara Brae would become his Dukedom or Duchy. Lord Greagoir become the Duke of Dara Brae as bestowed by the powers of Lord British.

Since then the island of Dara Brae has floated to outside to Novia south of Elysium in the ocean by the resident nature spirit.
Lord Greagoir has continued the task of finding more ancient Celtic treasures while helping to keep the Celtic tradition alive on Dara Brae. From planting new tree seeds to discovering ancient texts that bring the Druid rites from a long time ago to our culture.
There are three candles that illumine every darkness - truth, nature, and knowledge.
Ancient Irish Triad
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