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CODB Celtic Knot

UO - Lake Austin Shard Version

To be a member of the Celtic Order of Druids / Bards community you will need to specialize in certain skill levels.

There are 4 areas that you can master to become Legendary. Each of these has a common bond while allowing for specializations.

Bard (Grandmaster at least 2 of the 4 Bard skills)
- Musicianship
- Provocation
- Discordance
- Peacemaking

Tamer (Grandmaster at least 2 of the 3 Tamer skills)
- Animal Taming
- Animal Lore
- Veterinary

Druid -spell caster (Grandmaster at least one of the Mage skills)
- Magery
- Spellweaving (more in tuned to nature)
- Mysticism

Knight (Grandmaster at least one of the Knight skills)
- Swordsmanship
- Fencing
- Macing
- Tactics
- Chivalry
- Bushido

Bard (0 - 89.9)
Master Bard (90 - 99.9)
Grandmaster Bard (100 - 100.9)
Mystical Bard (100 - 119.9)
Legendary Bard (120)

Tamer (0 - 89.9)
Master Tamer (90 - 99.9)
Grandmaster Tamer (100 - 100.9)
Mystical Tamer (100 - 119.9)
Legendary Tamer (120)

Druid (0 - 89.9)
Master Druid (90 - 99.9)
Grandmaster Druid (100 - 100.9)
Mystical Druid (100 - 119.9)
Legendary Druid (120)

Knight (0 - 89.9)
Master Knight (90 - 99.9)
Grandmaster Knight (100 - 100.9)
Mystical Knight (100 - 119.9)
Legendary Knight (120)

The Celtic Order of Druids and Bards is a Ultima Online guild based on the Lake Austin shard. It has been in existence since the Lake Austin shard opened back in 2002. Community is one of the founding principles of this guild.

It is the first Lake Austin Ultima Oniline guild with an influence of Celtic lore that we know of. It has survived many incarnations with expanding beyond the initial home of Druids/Animal Tamers, Mages, and Bards. This expansion was natural by adding Celtic Knights and separating the Animal Tamers and the Druids (spell casters).

We are excited to be supporting Lord British's new adventure Shroud of the Avatar and we are planning on having a Celtic community present in the new game.

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