Celtic Order of Druids & Bards (CODB) Members in Shroud of the Avatar

CODB Celtic Knot

Three Leaders

Lord Greagoir

The Great Druid

Members of the Order

Members of the Order are those who have committed their involvement within the Order by pledging their support and deciding to start a Grade. They will be part of the meetings of the Order and be a central part of the Order.





Ming Tea

Lord Galiwyn

Guests of the Order

Guests of the Order are people who have:

  • Expressed an interest in the Celtic Order of Druids and Bards, but have not decided to start the path.
  • Expressed an interest for a guest membership to be a friend.

Duke Ironman



Turlington Goodspoon

At anytime a Guest can talk to the The Great Druid and request to start a Grade within the order.

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