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Sources which Inspired
Druids from Ultima
Ranger from Ultima
Bards from Ultima
Shepards from Ultima
Ultima Online Inspiration


Our inspiration stems from many things including:
- Real Life Druidry
- Arthurian Legends - King Arthur and Merlin
- Ultima Lore and Ultima Online Lore
- Advanced Dungeons and Dragons.

The Way of the Druid

Making their homes within the Deep Forest of Britannia's northwest, the mystic druids call the town of Yew their own. They can frequently be found in deep meditation amongst their sacred oak groves, which they defend fiercely from all who would harm the forest they protect. Deep within these woods, they further themselves in the virtue of Justice, and are frequently involved in the affairs of the High Court. The druids' knowledge of natural lore is without peer, and their understanding of medicinal herbs and the habits of Britannia's wildlife makes them a boon companion. This, along with their powerful mystic arts and knowledge of the arcane, makes them a valuable asset in any adventure.

The druids fight with an assortment of weapons, although they often prefer to wield different types of bows, carved from the trees they carefully nurture. In close combat, many prefer a stout oak staff or heavy mace. The druids tend to shun works of metal, preferring well crafted leather armour, for they believe in retaining a close communication with nature; although, some have been willing to put aside their convictions to further a greater cause.

In Ultima 2 in the town of Baradin. The druid in a grove of trees shouts, "Anol Nathrac Uth Des Bessod Dien Doch Dientes!" This is a reference to the charm of making from the great movie Excalibur (Morgana recites this in the movie). Translates to "Breath of serpent, spell of death and life, your song of making."

If you take this further and look at Jones Celtic Encylopedia - In irish it is spelled, "Anal nathrach, orth' bhais's bethad, do che'l de'nmha" or "Anáil nathrach orth bhais betha, do cheol déanta". Translates to "Serpent's breath, charm of death and life, thy omen of making."

The Druids are fierce fighters, especially when defending their beloved groves. They hold all trees to be sacred and their town of Yew lies deep in the woods. Druids are also impressive practitioners of the mystic arts and their knowledge of herbs is without peer. They may fight with different types of bows, although their preferred weapon is the mace. The Druidic philosophy forbids the wearing of metal of any kind, so Leather is their armor of choice. The Druid's knowledge of the ways of the woodlands make them invaluable as fellow travelers.from The History of Britannia (Ultima IV)
We are now seeking a contingent of druids to join us in the Abyss. We hope they might be able to use their mystic abilities to persuade a sacred grove to take root in our chasm. Many druids are skilled with bow or mace, and so would be doubly useful. Druids generally shun the wearing of metal armor. Here this is good, for in the Abyss sound carries easily, and metal armor is noisy.from Memoirs of Sir Cabirus (Ultima Underworld)
Because of their devotion to and understanding of nature, druids are a much-needed profession after Britannia's time of environmental devastation. Most druids do not go heavily armored, and rely instead on their mastery of spell-casting and woodcraft to evade combat, or utilize their surroundings to their own tactical advantage.from A Safe Passage Through Britannia (Ultima Underworld II)

The Way of the Ranger

Off the western shore of Britannia lies the fair island of the rangers. Venturing far from their retreat, they are found throughout the realm, though, the mystic forest of Spiritwood or the solemn keep of Empath Abbey, where they pray for enlightenment, are favoured stomping grounds. Guided by the virtue of Spirituality, they seek to improve the conditions off all throughout the land. Rangers are well-versed in woods lore, and are known to fiercely protect what ever forest they call home, but also make an ideal companion in any excursion to the far off reaches of the land. Their Spirituality gives them mystical strength, making them proficient magic users

The solemn rangers of Britannia are skilled in the use of most kinds of weapons, and their familiarity in the ways of magic leave them unafraid of employing arms and armour bound with magical enchantment. Many choose to limit their protection to nothing heavier than leather armour, for the bright glean of sunlight off a polished helm, or the harsh clang of chain in a silent forest oft gives away their position. Despite these disadvantages, some rangers have chosen to employ hardier armour for protecting their bodies.

Rangers are among the Older Professions, and were actually encountered as enemies in Sosaria during Ultima I.

In Ultima IX, the ranger receives a sextant and the key to a chest in Skara Brae as a starting bonus.

Off the western shore of the mainland lies the fair island of the Rangers. Venturing far from their retreat at Skara Brae, they strive to improve the conditions of people throughout the realm, guided by the virtue of Spirituality. Rangers are well-versed in woods lore and fight fiercely with most weapons, but shun all but leather armour. They are also proficient magic users and faultless trackers in any wilderness.from The History of Britannia (Ultima IV)
With the coming of the druids, should I be successful in recruiting them to establish a grove in the Abyss, we will of course also welcome woodsmen of all types. I have often thought that rangers would be useful here to track down intruding predators, and their training in woods lore might enlighten us about some of the odd creatures we find.from Memoirs of Sir Cabirus (Ultima Underworld)
Rangers tend to be loners, solitary heroes schooled in woodcraft and natural lore. Experts in stealth and tracking, in the wilds they are deadly foes.from A Safe Passage Through Britannia (Ultima Underworld II)

The Way of the Bard

The bards of Britain are known for their entertaining tales and wonderful ballads, but are also unopposed to performing deeds of valor and daring on their own right. Found throughout the land, they are often encountered in a pub or royal court, where they might entertain with a well-strung lute. Through their countless hours devoted to enlightening the souls of those who would hear their tales, the bards greatly further the cause of Compassion. The weapon of choice for bards has long been the sling or bow, although many a fine bard employs the crossbow.

The armour choice of those who follow the way of the bard has long been leather, for the harsh clang of metal offends their sensitive ears; although, many have been willing to make more practical choices when the situation requires. Their profession requires that they be skilled in almost every trade imaginable including, but not demanding: singing, playing musical instruments, fighting, and even casting spells. They make a fine companion on a long journey.

In Ultima IX, the bard receives +5 Karma, a target bow, and a map of Paws as a starting bonus.

The Bards of Britain entertain the people with their ballads and tales of heroic deeds. Bards not only chronicle the deeds of valor, but perform them as well. The weapon of choice for a Bard is the sling, but they may use a crossbow at times. All armour save that of Leather is shunned by these minstrels, for they find metal harsh and too noisy for their sensitive ears. The Bard also dabbles in magic and makes a fine companion on a long journey.from The History of Britannia (Ultima IV)
Minstrels with bright songs and inspiring tales might relieve our bleak existence, and our Colony is worthy of a new tale or two. Bards considering the journey to Avatar Isle must be prepared to perform deeds of valor, not just chronicle them! Many bards are greatly skilled with sling and crossbow, not to mention the arcane arts - these are talents always needed here.from Memoirs of Sir Cabirus (Ultima Underworld)
Bards travel the land, learning of brave and extraordinary deeds (often committing a few themselves along the way) and preserving their memory in song. Not only are they learned and quick-tongued, but anyone who travels on foot as much as they do should be able to hold their own in a fight, and perhaps hurl a spell or two when the need arises.from A Safe Passage Through Britannia (Ultima Underworld II)
Bards excel in dexterity and poise. They rightly choose professions that make good use of their talented hands and agile bodies; minstrel, archer, locksmith, and tinker are just a few. Fearless in battle, bards are often as quick of mind as of hand and their magic abilities are keen, although their power is half that of mages. Britain is a favorite gathering place of many bards. Others, especially tinkers, are based in Minoc.from Book of Lore (Ultima V)
Poet and minstrel, tinkerer and athlete, user of magic and noble adventurer. These all describe the multi-talented bard. Though not as physically imposing as the fighter, the bard is usually more dexterous and agile, being both quick of mind and of foot. Sure hands and nimble fingers serve the bard well as he untangles knotty puzzles and picks "unpickable" locks.

Often an accomplished archer, the bard is also acquainted with the ways of magic, making him a most versatile gladiator on the field of battle. He often chooses to apply his combative skills from the rear of the melee where he can let his arrows and fiery magic missiles fly toward beleaguered targets in the front. Whether in the heat of battle or in the quagmire of a wizard's mischievous riddle, the well-rounded bard is an indispensable ally in the adventurer's quest.from Compendium (Ultima VI)
A true jack-of-all-trades - a trickster, a minstrel, a battler, a spellcaster; the bard possesses all of these skills. Physically, the bard falls somewhere between the brawny physique of the fighter and the delicate frame of the mage. The bard is dexterous and agile. He tends to be more clever than intelligent. He also possesses a presence and charm that come in handy in all manner of situations. The bard has a natural gift for missile weapons and a mind for riddles. The bard also plays an important part in society by recording local history in such a way that it is well remembered, through rousing tale and song.from The Book of Fellowship (Ultima VII)
Warrior, singer, story-teller and sage: the bard is all of these and more. Quick with wit or crossbow, bards have their place in the adventuring world. Fighters seek them out for their attention to detail and their ability to recall daring exploits in vivid imagery. And we mages tolerate them for their charismatic skills of diplomacy, which we so often lack from too much time spent in solitary pursuits. I have recently heard a saying that best sums up all that is a bard: A bard's value to society is measured in how well history is retold.rom Beyond the Serpent Pillars (Ultima VII Part Two)

The Way of the Shepherd

They are persons who herd livestock for a living, expressly sheep. Their job holds little reward and no grounds for improvement. It is very monotonous work, but it is the backbone of much of the industry of Britannia. Thus, the shepherd is the true epitome of the virtue of Humility. Many shepherds live on the island of New Magincia, where there is plenty of open land on the island for their sheep to graze. Their knowledge of the land, and the their simple unassuming nature, makes them a steadfast companion on any adventure.

Most shepherds are unskilled in any form of combat, and few ever receive formal training in the mystic arts. Most are proficient with only the basics needed to protect their flocks, such as staves, daggers, or a simple sling. Leather armour is usually the strongest protection a shepherd can afford or desire. On the rare occasion shepherds have had a more perilous fate thrust upon them, some have opted to secure sturdier protection.

In Ultima IX, the shepherd receives +15 Karma and the Crook of Charming as a starting bonus.

It is uncertain whether the Shepherds are skilled in any form of warfare or in the mystic arts. However, they are highly valued traveling companions for their humility and their knowledge of the ways of the land.from The History of Britannia (Ultima IV)
I have given some thought to the introduction of sheep into the Abyss, and for that reason would like to encourage shepherds to make their way to our isle. Herders vary widely in their training, some being adept at certain weapons or even spells, but the one certain attribute of every shepherd is a degree of humility which would be most welcome here.from Memoirs of Sir Cabirus (Ultima Underworld)
Shepherds are drawn from fiercely independent rural peoples. Often forced to fight wild animals and hostile neighbors to defend their flocks, their simplicity and humility can be deceptive. They vary widely in their abilities; some are skilled in folk magic, others in combat, still others in stealth and woodcraft.from A Safe Passage Through Britannia (Ultima Underworld II)

Ultima Online Inspiration

Animal Tamer

The Way of the Animal Tamer

Tamers have a gift of communication with animals, bring able to tame them and command them. He is also familiar with animal movement and can track a potential pet through the wilderness. The tamer is a valuable member of the community, as many starting adventurers desire pets to accompany them on their journeys or herd animals as a source of wool and meat.

The Way of the Ranger

The ranger is useful fr both his archery skills and his ability to locate and track both nearby creatures and people. Rangers have a natural way with wildlife, and they use this ability to tame pets that accompany them through the wilderness. To get a quick start as a ranger, tame a pet and find other animals to attach with your bow while ordering your pet to attack the same target.

The Way of the Bard

Although the bard is not as adept as physical combat as other adventurers are, he does have the additional benefit of exceptional music ability. A bard can use this skill to cause other monsters to fight one another and then pick off the survivors with his box. A bard can also develop additional skills in pacifying monsters or enticing them to approach.

The Way of the Sorcerer

The sorcerer is a scholar of all things magical. He is adept at casting spells, although not as power as the mage, but his primary focus is in the area creating small magical items. The sorcerer uses his abilities in alchemy and inscription to craft potions and scrolls for himself or for other mages. In order to perform his work, a sorcerer requires large quantities of spell reagents, which can be bought or found in the wild.

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