Celtic Order of Druids & Bards (CODB) Beliefs and Hierarchy

CODB Celtic Knot

Celtic Order of Druids and Bards, a Shroud of the Avatar Guild


There are a few beliefs Druids, Vates, and Bards hold
- Grove is a group of trees. We use grove to also mean this order.
- Triad is a way of learning, communicating, and understanding. Triads are sacred.
- Arwen (Three rays) represents male and female energy.
- The Circle is scared and all ceremonies (guild meetings) will be around a circle. The circle symbol is universal representing the nature of energy. Can represent a protective boundary.
- All druids sense Nature as divine or sacred. All parts of Nature is part of the great Mother (as in Mother Nature).


All members of the Celtic Order of Druids and Bards hold a hierarchy where a triad of members will hold the titles of great importance while leading the order.

Three leaders in the triad make all guild decisions while leading the guild onward. The Great Druid leads the entire guild while the Grand Druid and the ArchDruid are equal in leading the Order while The Great Druid is away. All three will make decisions together with The Great Druid making the final decision if there is a stalemate where all three cannot agree.

Grand Druid
- On the left side of the Triad.

The element represented with Grand Druid is water. In Welsh it is Gwyar (pronounced "GOO-yar") and means flow of blood. The source of change.

Trains the Bard Grade.

The Great Druid - At the top of the triad is the leader of all Druids and Bards in the Order.

The Great Druid is essentially the guild leader.

The element represented with The Great Druid is blue sky. In Welsh it is Nwyfre (pronounced "NOOiv-ruh") and means sky. The source of life.

Trains the Druid Grade.

CODB Celtic Knot

- On the right side of the Triad

The element represented with ArchDruid is stone. In Welsh it is Calas (pronounced "CAH-lass") and means hard or solidity. The source of manifestation and stability.

Trains the Vate Grade.

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