Celtic Order of Druids & Bards (CODB) Grades

CODB Celtic Knot

The Grand Druid's Vision of how he sees the Grades

Celtic Order of Druids and Bards, a Shroud of the Avatar Guild

To be a member of the Celtic Order of Druids and Bards community you will need to specialize in certain skills.


There are 3 grades that you can master to become Legendary. Each of these has a common bond while allowing for specializations. You start in the Bard grade. Through training you will progress to the Vate grade. Through more training you will progress to the Druid grade.


In ancient times a Druid was known as a sage, philosopher, teacher, judge, alchemists, or advisor to kings.

Our color for the Druid grade is White. White is the color of

Our tree to represent the Druid is Oak. Oak represents knowledge of all.

Druids can use some of the Schools of Magic from the Vate Grade:

  • Earth Magic
  • Air Magic
  • Water Magic
  • Fire Magic
  • Life Magic
  • Sun Magic
  • Chaos Magic

The Druid Grade will focus on these schools of magic forgoing the other magic schools form the Vate Grade.

All Vates will become a Druid through training.

There is one level in the Druid Grade:
  • Druid


in ancient times an Vate was known as a seer, healer, wizard, witch, shaman, or diviner; opening the doors of Time. Classical author Strabo described "interpreter of nature" was the Vate. Some sources say that Ovate is an Irish Bard.

Our color for the Vate grade is Green. Green

Our tree to represent the Vate is Yew. Yew represents death and rebirth. Ancient Irish Celts referred to Yew as one of the oldest beings on earth.

Ovate can use all Schools of Magic even the dark and mysterious ones:

  • Earth Magic (Elemental Studies)
  • Air Magic (Elemental Studies)
  • Water Magic (Elemental Studies)
  • Fire Magic (Elemental Studies)
  • Life Magic
  • Death Magic (Through their connection with the Otherworld)
  • Sun Magic (Solar Studies)
  • Moon Magic (Lunar Studies)
  • Chaos Magic

All Bards will become a Vate through training. All of the magic schools will become available.

If you stay in the Vate Grade there are three levels:
  • Wizard
  • Healer
  • Master Seer


In ancient times a Bard was known as a poet, storyteller, musician, dancer, or lore masters; developing the artistic or creative self. They are the keepers of tradition.

Our color for the Bard grade is Blue. Blue is the color of truth, freedom, and the sky.

Our tree to represent the Bard is Birch. Birch represents new beginnings and birth.

Bards can use some of the Schools of Magic. A Bard will use more of their songs and music as their magic, but these Schools will help them:

  • Chaos Magic

Bard is the first step in your training. You may stay in this grade if you aspire to continue this tradition.

If you stay in the Bard Grade there are three levels:
  • Musician
  • Poet
  • Master Bard

Once SotA skills are more known, we will add the Music section of the Bard Grade.

Celtic Knight

The Celtic Knight is an extension of the three grades. In a sense you will start in a Grade and choose to be a Celtic Knight. This is the force in the guild specializing with more of the modern warfare of the time. Chivalry and good rules the Celtic Knight's being and purpose. Building on the Irish and Scottish traditions the Celtic Knight will fight for what he/she knows is right.

Irish name of the Celtic Knight is Ridire (pronounced RIDD-un-ruh).

The Grand Druid's Vision of how he sees the Grades

To me the path is a one of learning through the three levels of Bard, Vate (someone who is most in tune with the Magic Schools), then Druid which is the top tier.

I am looking for people who have an interest in one of these and decide to stay.

  • Bards are the essential storyteller of the Order. They learn to use weapons/amour and rely only on the Chaos magic while weaving their songs into battle. They learn about the Chaotic things first and how that an upset the balance.
  • Vates are the main spell caster of the Order in battles and adventuring. Their mastery makes them the most powerful of casting spells.
  • Druids are the main philosopher and alchemists of the Order. Taking more to further their knowledge and to apply that to nature that surrounds all of us.

I want each members to find what they like about the game and role-play it.
  • Those who like to act like singing, telling stories, creating poems in-game would be best as a Bard. In combat I would like Bards to support all of the other Order members through their puzzle thinking advantages.
  • I would like the Vate to be the main power of spells and use them to the fullest during combat. They are the ones who learn the most of all of the spells. They like adventuring and seeing what they can accomplish while protecting nature.
  • The Druid level are the ones who may sit back more and tend to finding and creating alchemy potions and other enchantments. Adventuring from time to time Druids focus less on overall magic circles and really connect with nature and want to tend to making sure their grove is tended to.

There is an "add on" Grade of Celtic Knight. This is the Order's warrior class to promote all things of chivalry across the land with law and order of the realm.

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