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CODB Celtic Knot

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I. Membership. The following outlines the requirements to become, and remain, a member of the Celtic Order of Druids / Bards. One of the main principles is to provide a community that shares among members and non-members.

1. Acceptance of Entry. New members will be accepted providing they meet the following requirements:

    2. Retaining Membership. To retain your membership to the Celtic Order of Druids / Bards the following requirements must be met.
    a. Maintain the rules outlined in the Acceptance of Entry section of this document.
    b. Maintain an attitude that promotes good nature and semi - role-playing.
    c. Maintain good attendance to meetings and participation in Community Events.
    d. Maintain a history of abiding by the bylaws of the Celtic Order of Druids / Bards and the laws decreed by Lord British.

    II. Code of Conduct. Members of the Celtic Order of Druids / Bards are expected to maintain a level of human decency and respect for others. The following is a basic outline of such.

    1. Meetings or Community Events are defined as any gathering of a group of individuals for a common purpose or interest. The following is a list of rules that shall be obeyed by all members when attending such an event.

      2. Daily Activities. It is expected that members of the Celtic Order of Druids / Bards have their own lives and day to day activities such as skill building, hunting with friends, etc. The Council recognizes this but expects members to act in a way that does not look poorly on the guild. The following is a guideline to follow.

        3. Show of Respect to Officials. All members are expected to show a display of respect to officials whether they are from the Celtic Order of Druids / Bards or from any other organization.

          4. Training. We all have skills to build and one of the most effective ways to do so for most battle oriented skills is fighting or sparring. The following is a guideline to follow during such activities.

            Community House (Guildhouse)

            The Community House is our sanctuary that each team member can relax or train in. It is the sole property of Lord Greagior and Lady Keira Rivenmyst, whom is sponsoring the house for us to call home. Please treat the Community House with all the respect you would show your own home.

            The Celtic Order of Druids and Bards is a Ultima Online guild based on the Lake Austin shard. It has been in existence since the Lake Austin shard opened back in 2002. Community is one of the founding principles of this guild.

            It is the first Lake Austin Ultima Oniline guild with an influence of Celtic lore that we know of. It has survived many incarnations with expanding beyond the initial home of Druids/Animal Tamers, Mages, and Bards. This expansion was natural by adding Celtic Knights and separating the Animal Tamers and the Druids (spell casters).

            We are excited to be supporting Lord British's new adventure Shroud of the Avatar and we are planning on having a Celtic community present in the new game.

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