Celtic Order of Druids & Bards (CODB)

Ancient Irish Triad - There are three candles that illumine every darkness - truth, nature, and knowledge.

CODB Celtic Knot

Established - April 30, 2013

March 2015: We have decided to combine our efforts with the player-ran town Dara Brae, The Celtic Holdfast in Shroud of the Avatar. Thank you.

CODB is there for those who wish to role play and adventure while embracing their or having an interest in Celtic heritage.

About the guild logo at the top right of the page:

The trinity knot is the simplest in design of all the Celtic knots. It was used to symbolize trinity and the Celts were no strangers to this. They believe that everything comes in three's The Father, The Son, The Holy Ghost; the three natural elements, fire, earth and water and so on.

Celtic Trinity Knot © onlyonevision.com

The Order's Coat of Arms

We registered our Order's Coat of Arms with the Collage of Arms that is located in Owl's Head in Shroud of the Avatar.



The Celtic Order of Druids and Bards is a Shroud of the Avatar guild. It has been in existence since the announcement of SotA in March 2013 and started recruiting on April 30, 2013 on the SotA Forums. Community is one of the founding principles of this guild.

It is the first Shroud of the Avatar guild with an influence of Celtic lore, Druids, and Celtic Bards.

There are three grades: Bards, Vates, and Druids. These grades will stack upon each other to build a foundation of skill building while keeping with the Celtic tradition. Once we know more how Animal Taming will be implemented this will be incorporated into one of the existing areas.

If you want fun, community, and are interested with Celtic myth, lore, or Celtic music and stories. CODB is for you.

We are excited to be supporting Lord British's new adventure Shroud of the Avatar with a Celtic community present in the new game.

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